Channel List Generator

A NoRebrand and KillerAPI Release

How to Use Guide

Activation and Configuration
  1. Install and activate the Channel List Generator Plugin.
  2. Navigate to the plugin settings page.
  3. Enter the activation code provided to you in the designated field. Make sure to input a valid code.
  4. Configure the plugin by entering your valid username, password, and DNS with port in the respective fields.
  5. Click the “Save” button to store the configuration settings in the database.
Fetching Account Data
  1. Once the configuration is saved, click the “Fetch Account Data” button.
  2. The plugin will validate the provided username, password, and DNS details.
  3. If the validation is successful, the status will be updated to “Active.”
  4. Wait for the account data to be fetched and stored in the database. This may take a few moments.
Getting Channel List Generated
  1. Once the account data is fetched and the status is “Active,” you can proceed to update the API data.
  2. Click the “Update API Data” button to fetch and pull the content from the API.
  3. A progress indicator will display the status of the data update process.
  4. Be patient as the plugin retrieves and stores all the necessary details in the database.
Customizing Categories
  1. Visit the Live TV, Movies, or Series page in the plugin settings.
  2. Enable or disable specific categories for each section according to your preferences.
  3. The changes will be reflected in the channel list generator.
  4. Update the settings as needed to customize the categories.

Please Note: You can adjust the colors in the settings page located under the account details.


The Channel List Generator Plugin provides the following shortcodes that can be used to display the generated content:

Live TV Shortcode: Use the shortcode